Fresh picks #70

Wassup wassup wassup!!! Finally I am back to break the silence this blog has had for almost 4 months. You might ask what took it so long to get back… I was just caught up in the thing called “life” with too much stress, too much traveling and work. Forgive me? Sweet, ’cause I am planning to catch up on that on a (bi-)weekly basis starting today.

Here’s a short but hot stack of fresh beats. Support and enjoy.

Andhim – Amene (Original Mix)

Jamie Jones – Kooky Chords

Kiasmos – Blurred (Bonobo Remix)

Koelsch – Liath

Odd Mob & Super Silly – No Pressure (Jordan Burns Remix)

Vanilla Ace – Ghetto Track ft. Enrique Ramil (Extended Mix)

Fresh picks #69

Astraboht – Black Sun Dawn (Original Mix)

edapollo – Alpujarras

edapollo – Exhaler

Hanna – Deceptiv

Paradiso Rhythm – Forever Sade

Spencer Brown – 5th & Concord (Original Mix)

Essential picks #30

DJ M4A4 – End of Time

Midland – Final Credits

Sly-One & Kattison – High on You

Stones & Bones – Amahloni feat. Toshi (Chymamusique Remix)

Tightshirt – Rampage Funk (Original Mix)

Fresh picks #68

Wassup wassup! Alright, I have to admit that’s a pretty long pause since the last post. Study phase and real life busyness are consuming a lot of my time right now, but still I’ll do my best to improve the posting frequency. After all, it’s all about quality over quantity! 😀 Here’s a relaxing selection for a calm Sunday evening. Please enjoy and SUPPORT!

Anoraak – Black Gold Sun

Gacha Bakradze – River

Gacha Bakradze – Advice

Betoko – Shorika (Darin Epsilon Remix)

Will DeKeizer – Going Blue (Carlo Whale Remix)

Lycoriscoris – AS

Fresh picks #67

Sugarcane Family – Cloves

Demuja – Move

Demuja – Turn Me On

EJECA – Big Band (Original Mix)

Tyoma – Haze (Sonnen Blumen Kerne Remix)

Tyoma – Haze (youANDme Dub Remix)

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